Our core range of spirits is small but mighty with just three year-round products. We love experimenting with new flavours in small runs and you’ll often find seasonal specials and new styles available only at the distillery.


5cl: ‘The Miniature’ Perfect for a little treat or just sampling for the curious

10cl: ‘The Hand Luggage’ For the weekend away or island souvenir. Four powerful shots to take off-island

70cl: ‘The Classic’ A staple in the home bar for the connoisseur’s drinks

Jersey Gin

Ah to have fun and drink Gin… with Jersey Gin, we’re pushing the norms of how bespoke a Distillery can be. Jersey Gin was started by the youngest independent distiller in the UK on one of the smallest production stills. With delicate citrus notes and the underlying flavour from our own malt barley-based mash, Jersey Gin offers a smooth gin ideal for sipping, drinking with ice or mixing with your favourite tonic.


Welcome to our latest offering, Geola (pronounced ‘jay-oh-la’). A hint of cinnamon and other spices provide a warming Gin with true Jersey Spirit ready to warm you through the winter season. Geola is available in 70cl, 10cl and 5cl bottles and launched at 46%. We hope you will enjoy it as much as we do.

Rock Vodka

Rock Vodka is our unique local that aims to break the belief that the best Vodkas must be invisible! With a predominant base of malt barley, our Vodka is warming yet smooth and brings a great ‘mouth feel’ to the class. Enjoy as a sipping vodka and let the toffee, malty flavours come to life.