At La Côte Distillery, we believe that gin is more than just a drink—it’s an experience. Join us for The Gin Lab, where you’ll discover the art, science, and joy behind the world of gin and become a distiller for the day.

We offer various bookings to best suit what you’re looking for. From Saturday afternoon open sessions to evening group bookings and a private Gin Lab for two, we invite you to join us and look forward to hearing from you.

We happily to offer private tasting experiences too. Please email us for details and bookings.

The Gin Lab: What to expect

Our hands-on Gin Lab is a comprehensive session. You’ll be guided by our distiller to design and create your own bottle of custom gin.

£90 single / £125 shared

You may choose to run your own still (single) or work together as two people to one still (shared). Each still takes away a 70cl bottle.

Three-hour Workshop

70cl bottle of your bespoke 44% Gin or Vodka (shared when sharing your still)

Arrival drink, grazing board, and sample drinks throughout the session

Tour of the distillery & process of how alcohol, gin and vodka are made

Sample different styles of Gin & design your own recipe

Run your still with guidance from the distiller

Custom labelling of your Gin bottle

10% off purchases made on the day